Screen Recorder Extension

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Capture, Record, and Share your screen instantly with our advanced screen capture and screen recorder extension that works seamlessly with all browsers.

Screen Recorder Extension

Create enagaging videos with Screen Recorder Extension

Screen Recorder allows you to record your screen and produce engaging videos quickly.

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record both cam and tab

Record Both Cam and Tab

Enhance your web browsing experience by allowing access to your camera and microphone. Explain the action you recorded on a website page in detail by narrating through your microphone and webcam.



Choose what to share a full screen, tab, or just a site and share your screens with anyone in your groups.

full screen or just a site

Full Screen or Just a site

Choose whether to record a full screen, or just a site and share your screens with anyone in your groups.

frame rate

Frame Rate

Record a screen at the frame rate you want and select between screens in real-time to share it



Select a video resolution that will allow you to generate the most suitable video dimensions for your project.

What is Screen Recorder?

Screen recording is the process of generating a visual image of computer screen output and saving it to disk, so that it can be played back at a later time. The recorded screen can be saved in different video formats and can also be viewed in real-time.

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