Full Page Screen Capture

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Capture an entire webpage in a few clicks to easily save all the information you need at once. Download, save and share the page seamlessly in no time.

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Full Page Screen Capture

Get Full Page Screen Capture Easily

Capture whole documents, webpages, and pdfs effortlessly and access them anytime from anywhere.

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convenient size

Convenient Size

Choose the size of the capturing image of a page based on your requirement. Pick between Full Page, Visible Page, and Select Area conveniently depending on the size of information you wish to save.

edit screenshot

Edit Screenshot

Edit the captured image to your liking irrespective of its size. From cropping, rotating, and flipping to adding shapes, icons, and texts, you can do all necessary actions or undo them effortlessly.

upload your files

Upload Your Files

Put ideas learned from a webpage to action, on the files from your local device by uploading them instantly to Ninjacapture with the help of the browser extension. Edit and share those files with no issues.

download media

Download Media

Save the files you just captured on your computer with only a mouse click. Secure them permanently by easily uploading them to integrated cloud applications.

What is Full Page Screen Capture?

Full Page Screen Capture is the process of capturing the webpage as a whole. You can achieve this easily with the help of the NinjaCapture Chrome extension. Add this extension to the browser and save vital information with no hassle within a few clicks. You can edit, share, or store these files conveniently in no time with the help of NinjaCapture. Learn more about Full Page Screen Capture.

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