Screenshot Chrome Extension

to capture and record a webpage anytime

Save and share important information on a website faster by adding Screenshot Chrome Extension to your browser.

Screenshot Chrome Extension

Quickly Record Screenshots With Chrome Extension

Capture or record a webpage and share it effortlessly by adding the Screenshot extension to your Chrome browser.

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screen record & capture

Screen Record & Capture

Capture any information on the webpage you think is worth saving for your record in an instant as a screenshot or a screencast.

security for files

Security for Files

Keep the files you captured safe and secure and share these password-protected files with authorized users from any device.

cloud storage

Cloud Storage

Store important media files you captured in integrated prominent applications such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box.



Use annotations to give your captured files more information. Add text, icons, shapes, and images as needed.

What is Screenshot Chrome Extension?

Screenshot Chrome Extension is a software program that enhances your browsing experience even further. Add this extension to your Chrome browser to take a quick screenshot or video record activities on a webpage while browsing. You can edit and share the captured files securely right from your browser and even save them on prominent cloud applications in a few clicks. Learn more about Screenshot Chrome Extension.

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