When you capture a digital image of the contents visible on your screen display, it is a screenshot. You may take a screenshot or a screen recorder of a piece of information, video, live streams, and games, to name a few. The idea of taking a screenshot gained immense popularity once people learned about the importance of the technique.

Screen recordings can help people from any profession. Even if you are a student, taking a screenshot can do wonders for your education. All you need to do is choose a suitable screen capturing software to help you take screenshots and record videos and audio quickly.

How Does a Screen Capture Extension for Chrome Work?

Although numerous screen capture tool are available on the internet, just a handful provide a Google Chrome extension. When you click on the option download Chrome Extension, it will start the download. After the process completes, you will notice that the software extension is visible in the Extensions tab on the top right-hand corner of your Chrome. Click on the extension to open the software. Depending upon the application's features, you can take a screenshot of an entire web page, the visible portion of the page, or a selected area. If you choose to take a screenshot of the visible part of a web page, the software does the needful and displays the screenshot on the computer screen. You may either modify it, share it with others, or save it on your computer. How to Take Scrolling Screenshots

How to Take Scrolling Screenshots?

When you talk about taking a scrolling screenshots, it refers to taking the screenshot of an entire web page. Some screen capturing tools require you to scroll the screen while the application takes the screenshot. On the other hand, some tools, such as NinjaCapture, do not make you scroll the page while taking the screenshot. Instead, it automatically does it for you.

When you click on the screenshot chrome extension, you will find the option of taking a screenshot of the whole web page. Choose the opportunity, and the app will do the rest for you. There is no need to scroll the web page since the software automatically takes a screenshot of the whole page. how to Annotate Screenshot

How to Annotate Screenshot?

Once the screenshot application completes taking the screenshot of the entire web page, it will give you the option to modify it. This is where you can add annotations to the file according to your needs. You may also add background images and music to make the recording more interesting.


NinjaCapture by 500apps is one of the most user-friendly screen capturing tools you will ever encounter. It is packed with various helpful features, and the software allows you to record videos and audio and take high-quality screenshots with ease. Apart from screen captures, NinjaCapture also lets you modify the file according to your requirements.

You may add annotations and background images to improve the screenshots. NinjaCapture, chrome screen capture is compatible with both Windows and iOS. It lets you save the captured images on your computer or a cloud, including Google Drive and Box. You can also share it with others. The best part about using the tool is that it is free for a lifetime.

Key Features of NinjaCapture

NinjaCapture screenshot chrome extension has some attractive features that make it one of users' best screen capturing tools. Some of these features are:

  • Screenshots
  • Audio recording
  • Integrate with various storage apps
  • Screenshots
  • Screen recordings
  • Security

There was a time when people hardly used the technique of taking screenshots. It was used as the last resort in some situations. However, things have changed in these modern times. You will notice people from all walks of life using the technique. Whether the user is an office executive or a student, screenshots have gained immense popularity.

Due to the rising demand for a suitable screenshot chrome extension, you will find quite a few such tools on the internet. They all share most of the critical features. However, they differ in terms of usability, functionality, and price. Therefore, if you are looking for such an application, better compare a few good options and choose the suitable one.

It should be user-friendly, packed with all the necessary features, and allow you to modify the captured images or recorded videos easily. Better take some time and choose the right screen capture for chrome for the purpose. Tools that are not user-friendly and suitable for technically savvy people are not something to go for. There are many better alternatives out there as far as a screenshot tool is concerned.

What Makes the Best Screen Recorder Extension?
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