NinjaCapture is one of the feature-rich screen capture tools available on the internet. Apart from being user-friendly, this tool makes screen recording seem like a piece of cake for any computer user. You can capture screenshots, annotate the images, record HD-quality videos, and upload your captured content anywhere, including Google Drive and Box. The best part about NinjaCapture is that it is free for its lifetime.

What Can You Capture On Your Screen?

NinjaCapture is a versatile screen recorder extension that allows you to capture almost anything you want. Whatever be your requirement, you can use the tool to fulfill your need. Everything is possible with the application, whether you wish to capture a screenshot, record a voice-over, capture a webcam, or record a video.

How Do You Capture Your Screen?

Capturing your computer screen using the NinjaCapture application is a breeze. This feature-rich tool is so easy to use that even a non-techie can use it like a professional. All you need to do is download the Google Chrome extension of NinjaCapture.

After installing the extension and opening it, you will notice that it offers four ways to capture your screen. It allows you to take screenshots of your computer screen, record videos, capture webcam narratives, and high-quality record audio.

The Different Ways to Capture Your Screen

It is straightforward to use the NinjaCapture tool to capture your screen. All you need is to follow a few simple steps, and you are good to go. First, however, you need to download the Chrome extension of the tool before you can start using it.

1. Screenshots

The screenshot capture feature allows you to capture an entire page or a web page's selected area. Choose whether you want to capture a portion of a webpage or an entire page from the extension.

Selecting the Full Page option automatically captures the whole web page without you scrolling down. If you choose a portion of a page, you need to choose the area, and the tool does the rest for you. Screenshots

2. Video

Recording videos is also possible using the tool. You need to grant access to your microphone and camera before the application can start recording. You may choose the countdown timer before it starts recording or ignore it. Click on the Start screen recorder button, and the tool does the job for you. Video Reocrding

3. Webcam

Webcam narratives are also possible to capture using the NinjaCapture application. It is pretty similar to recording a video with the tool. Grant access to your camera and microphone and start recording. It also has the countdown timer option that you may choose or ignore. Webcam

Benefits of Capturing Your Screen

Screen capturing has become an integral part of any business. However, it is not just limited to capturing anything on a computer screen for future reference. Screen capture is also helpful in capturing employee performance metrics, recording a video for training purposes, and much more.

If you use any high-quality screen capturing application, such as NinjaCapture, you can capture, record, and edit the content with the in-built editors. There are several benefits of using such a tool.

Improve Employee Performance

Any business owner would love to ensure that all their employees give their best for the company, especially if the business is all about customer service. With the help of a screen capture tool, you can find out whether your employees are working properly by capturing their performance data as proof. You can also give them a detailed insight into where they stand in the organization and how they can improve.

Create Useful Guides

You will probably have several offices overseas if you run a multinational company. Training all your employees, especially those in other countries, will involve a lot of time, effort, and pain. To make matters simpler, you can use a screen capture tool and create a training video to help your employees stay on par with the changing guidelines of your industry.

Save for Future Reference

You can use all the captured videos or screenshots in the future. NinjaCapture allows you to save all the captured content to use later. You can also trim the videos and images to meet your requirement.

NinjaCapture is a screen capture chrome extension that lets you capture almost everything on your computer screen. It helps your organization benefit in all possible ways. Since it is free, there is nothing to worry about a monthly or annual subscription to keep using the tool. Whatever be your profession or requirement, NinjaCapture is designed to live up to your expectations at all times.

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