In this modern era, several things are done online. Whether you talk about business meetings, online classes, or social gatherings, everything is possible on the internet. While being a part of an online business meeting or online class, there may be situations wherein you may feel the need to record the online session. Using a screen capture tool can be an excellent option for you.

What is a Screen Capturing Software?

If you wish to record a live webinar, a live YouTube video, or any other similar type of video, you need a unique tool for the job. This tool is known as a screen capturing tool. In other words, a screen capturing tool helps you record a video and audio.

You can also use the tool to take screenshots of web pages. Today, when almost everything is carried out online, keeping a feature-rich screen capturing tool on standby will be a good idea. You never know when you may feel the need to capture a screen.

NinjaCapture – A Tool That Makes Screen Capturing Look Simple

NinjaCapture is one of those screen capture tool that has garnered immense popularity quickly. It comes with custom-made screenshot capturing features that allow you to record videos, take screenshots, and record audio. Apart from that, the extension also lets you save the file for future reference.

NinjaCapture allows you to capture unlimited data from your computer screen. You can also share the same with your colleagues or friends. Unlike most other screen recording apps, NinjaCapture allows you to safeguard your screen captures with the help of a PIN.

Helpful Features of NinjaCapture

NinjaCapture is a feature-rich video capture tool with boundless possibilities. Some of the key features of the extension are hereunder. Screen Capture add on


This feature of NinjaCapture allows you to take screenshots of web pages. You can have full page screen capture, the portion of the page visible on the screen, or a selected part of the page. In addition, you can customize the screen captures by adding annotations and saving them with a secured PIN. You can also share the files with anybody you want.

Audio Recording

NinjaCapture allows you to instantly record high-quality audio, which helps you experience better engagement with your audiences. This feature lets you make professional-quality audio recordings very quickly. Just click on the extension, and you are ready to start your recording. Efficient and effective audio recording can help boost your conversions and build rapport with the audience.

Screen Recorder

This feature of NinjaCapture comes with an advanced video creation facility. With the help of the screen recorder feature, you can record and capture your screen and share the same with others. The best part about this feature is that it is compatible with all browsers. In addition, you can allow access to your microphone and camera so that you can record both your tab and cam.

NinjaCapture - How to Capture Video Clips on Your Web Browser

Using NinjaCapture to record your screen is a straightforward process. Even if you are not a techie, you can easily carry out the process without any help from others. Below are the steps to capture video clips on your browser using NinjaCapture. Video Capture

Enable Screen Recording

After successfully downloading the NinjaCapture Chrome extension, the first step to capturing video clips on your web browser is to enable screen recording on it. When you open the extension, you will notice that you need to grant permission for the extension to use your computer’s camera and microphone for the recording purpose. After you give the consent, you will be ready to start the recording with screen capture chrome extension.

Record Your Screen

You will notice a big button at the bottom of the Video section that reads Start Recording. You need to click on the button to start the recording process.

Enable Background Recording

You can enable the background recording setting on the tool so that it can successfully keep track of the last few moments of a video. This will help you capture the footage before it is gone forever.

Customize Video Settings

NinjaCapture allows you to customize your video settings as per your requirement. For example, you can alter the resolution of the video to make it sharper, more transparent, and better. You can also make the video run faster, slower, or at its regular speed by changing the frame rate.

NinjaCapture is a highly simple-to-use screen capturing tool by 500apps compatible with all types of browsers. It comes with many helpful features to capture screenshots and record videos and audio. In addition to it, NinjaCapture also allows you to share your files with anybody you want. Capturing a video using the browser extension is very simple. You do not need to be a techie to use NinjaCapture. Just a few clicks, and your screen capturing process is complete.

What Makes the Best Screen Recorder Extension?
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