Secure File Sharing

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Securely share, store your files from any device with password protection.

Secure File Sharing

Security Sharing for your Files

Get notified when someone share you file in DropBox, Google Drive, or Box with email notifications.

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secure sharing

Secure sharing

Allows you to achieve access to your files via email. It gives you complete control over your data and allows you to securely share it with anyone with an email address who is connected to the internet.

auto generated password

Auto Generated Password

Passwords can be shared with team members in a secure manner, and usage can be tracked. This app allows you to share highly secure files like API keys, credentials, and other sensitive information. It's a simple and direct method of keeping track of your passwords.

shorten link

Shorten Link

Generate shorter links for your files instantly. Just a click to generate short links and share the links over email or chat.

What is Security?

secure file sharing is a platform where you can store, view, and share any kind of files, images, or videos with your friends. After uploading your file, you can send the link directly to anyone. It's simple, fast, and easy to use.

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