The interest in the concept of screenshots has risen steadily since 2009. Screenshots, sometimes known as screen captures or screengrabs, are a great technique to capture images or any vital piece of information on your computer screen. A screenshot is helpful for people from any profession, whether you are a busy executive or a student.

What is a Screen Capture Tool?

When you talk about a screen capture tool, you refer to a unique software or an application that helps you take screenshots or screen recordings. This app is also known as screen recording software, screen capture software, or screencasting software.

Several names for the same application assist you in digitally recording your computer display. Although screen capture tools share the most critical features, they differ in functionality and price. What Are The Benefits Of Using A Screen Capture Tool

What are the Benefits of Using a Screen Capture Tool?

In this modern era, using an efficient and helpful screen capturing application can benefit you in several ways. The usage of such an app is no longer limited to a specific group of users. People from many walks of life can use screen capturing software for their benefit. Some of these benefits are listed below.

  • Carry out practical training sessions for employees.
  • Convey a message to others clearly and concisely.
  • Use a screenshot for future reference.
  • Interact and collaborate with your colleagues effectively. How to Choose the Best Screen Capture Tool for Your Needs

How to Choose the Best Screen Capture Tool for Your Needs?

There is a wide array of screen capturing software, both paid and free, in the market. Which one you need to choose for your needs is up to you. However, there are certain factors you need to keep in mind while choosing an efficient screen capturing tool for your requirements.

  • Editing functionalities
  • Cost
  • User-friendly interface
  • Available options for sharing
  • Screen capturing options

Top 5 Screen Capture Tools in the Market Today

There are various screen capture tool available in the market for you. Although they share most of the primary features, that does not mean you can choose any software blindly. Here are the top 5 screen capture applications in the market.


You will hardly come across another screen capturing tool that has a similar user-friendly interface, is packed with all types of necessary features, and is free to use. All of these are available with NinjaCapture. The screen capture for chrome allows you to take screenshots and record high-quality audio and videos. Apart from capturing content from your computer screen, it will enable you to share it with others or save it on your machine or in a cloud.

You need not worry about the safety of your files with NinjaCapture. You can secure them by setting up a PIN. In short, NinjaCapture lets you take screenshots of any size and record audio and video of any length. If you wish to modify your captured content, you can do so with the software. You can add annotations, crop and resize images, and add background pictures or music. The best part is that NinjaCapture lets you take an unlimited number of screenshots and screen recordings.


Another popular screen capturing tool is Snagit. It lets you take screenshots and also record videos or audio. Available in different languages to cater to users' needs from different corners of the globe, Snagit packs in several helpful features and is compatible with both iOS and Windows.

FonePaw Screen Recorder

If you want to record videos and capture screens to make a tutorial for others, then FonePaw screen recorder will be your choice. It is mainly used to record online classes and live streams and capture gameplay. You may record videos and audio of any length, and the software supports various output formats.


This screenshot application comes with an intuitive and more straightforward user interface. Working on such an interface makes it simple to use the app. Lightshot lets you select a given area on a web page and take the screenshot at the click of a button along with full page screen capture. You will get the opportunity to either modify the screenshot with the help of several built-in tools or upload it to a server and share the link with others.

CyberLink Screen Recorder 4

This is another screen capturing tool that lets you capture screen content and record videos. However, it is only compatible with Windows. It is suitable for recording live streaming, video editing, and regular screenshots.

When you search for one application that can help you take a high-quality screenshots, you will come across many similar applications. This makes it very difficult for any person to choose the best tool. However, if you keep the factors listed above in your mind and use the list of 5 top screen capturing tools as your guide, things can certainly get simpler.

You'll understand that NinjaCapture, the easy-to-use screen capture chrome extension, is the best choice you can go for. This free tool by 500apps makes screen capture and screen recording an easy chore.

What Makes the Best Screen Recorder Extension?
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