Screen capture tools offer many benefits to businesses and individuals. For example, when you want to record and share something on your screen, a screen capture tool helps you do this with ease. Initially, most people had to use their phones or camera to do this recording. This was a lengthy and tedious process because one had to transfer the recording to a computer, edit it, and later share it. However, this has changed with screen capture software.

You might be reading this critique because you want to know whether Macs have a screen capture tool. We’ve researched for you. Here’s a look at the best screen capture software for Mac.

Best Screen Capture Software for Mac

Most Mac users are in search of a screen capture solution. It’s worth noting that these tools have been of great importance, especially to the sales, marketing, and customer service teams. With this software, you can take screenshots of product demos, show instructions, or share videos to help your customers find solutions to problems they face. Snipping on Mac is just as easy as taking a screenshot on a computer running on the Windows platform. However, the only difference is that Mac users need to install software to get this feature.

Thankfully, there are many screen capture software alternatives that Mac users can turn to. Of course, most users look for useful features like cloud storage, screen recording, integrations, and markup tools. Below is a brief look at the best screen capture software to use on Mac.


If you’re looking for a professional way to capture your screen, NinjaCapture is the best solution for your business and personal needs. This software allows you to record, share, capture and even save your screen. For convenience purposes, the tool comes with a screen capture chrome extension. This means that you can quickly capture your screen at the touch of a button. In addition, the limitless recordings feature allows you to record and share as many snips as you want on your Mac PC. The best part is that NinjaCapture can be integrated with other productivity apps like Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. Ninja Capture


Another software that is worth trying is Droplr. Enterprise clients and businesses can take advantage of this amazing snipping software. One interesting aspect of this software is its high resolution. The software also comes with high-level security, cloud storage, and affordable screen recording. The tool also comes with a specific feature that allows users to create GIFs. Once you’ve recorded your screens, you can quickly share them since they are recorded on the Droplr cloud. This can be changed with regards to privacy if you want others to access the files. Droplr allows for integration with productivity and messaging apps. You can integrate this software with Slack, Intercom, Photoshop, among other tools. Droplr


Businesses that use visual instructions to communicate with their teams will benefit greatly from Snagit. Besides using this tool on Mac, users with Windows platforms can also use it. Snagit allows you to take panoramic shots which capture your desktop as you scroll. You can also create high-quality videos using this software. The software can also be used when you want to extract text from screenshots. Most businesses fancy this tool due to its integration capability with other apps like Google Drive and Microsoft apps. Snagit


CloudApp is another great pick for businesses and individuals looking for a tool that allows for integration with third-party applications. Besides capturing your screens, you can use CloudApp to create GIFs. You also have a secure cloud account where you upload your recordings for future use. This software's basic drawing features will make it easy to create instructional videos. Cloudapp


At the bottom of this list, we have Skitch. This software is ideal for businesses and individuals looking for simplicity. Also, Skitch can be integrated with Evernote. Using this tool, you can take screenshots, edit them, and share them with ease. Their simple interface is one thing you will love with this software. Skitch


You now understand that Macs also have screen capture software that can be installed on your PC. So all you need is to settle for the best video capture tool that meets your business needs.

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