Using a screen capture tool has become an integral part of all businesses. There was a time when screen capturing was done to save any vital piece of information on a web page. Although the primary objective of using such an app is still the same, the importance of using a screen recorder has reached far and beyond.

What Is a Screen Capture?

A screen capture, popularly known as a screenshot, a screen recording, or a screengrab, is used to capture a digital image of the contents on a computer screen. The operating system or special software that runs on your device can help you take screenshots. At the same time, you can also take screenshots using an external camera. But, first, you need to click a photo of the contents on a screen.

The primary feature is that it allows you to capture the exact content seen on a screen in a digital format. Then, you may either save it for future reference or share it with others. Taking a screenshot, saving it, or sharing it with others can be pretty helpful in many situations. Many people claim that taking a screenshot is one of the essential things on the internet.


NinjaCapture is one of the most user-friendly screenshot chrome extension that help you take screenshots easily. Although the extension is packed with many helpful features, the best part is that you can use all the features for free. Unlike many other similar tools, NinjaCapture helps you take screenshots, record videos, and record audio. In addition, you may either save the file on your computer for future reference or share it with others.

NinjaCapture lets you make customized screenshots with its excellent features. There is no restraint to the number of screen recordings you make using the tool. If you fear that all the recordings will jam your computer memory, you can save the files on a cloud. NinjaCapture is compatible with all the popular clouds, such as Google Drive and Dropbox. Secure the saved files using a PIN so that it does not fall into the wrong hands.

How to Install the Extension?

NinjaCapture has a Google Chrome extension that you can download and use quickly. You may either visit the NinjaCapture website and download the extension or do the same from the Chrome web store.

  • You will find a tab on the screen that says 'Add to Chrome', Click on that tab.

  • you will get a pop-up on which you must choose 'Add extension'.

  • It will automatically download the extension on your Google Chrome.

  • Click on the 'Extensions' tab on your Chrome, and you will find the NinjaCapture extension listed there.

How to Take a Screenshot on Chrome

How to Take a Screenshot on Chrome?

Using the NinjaCapture tool to take a screenshots on chrome screen capture is a straightforward task. After you have successfully downloaded the extension and it gets listed on the 'Extensions' tab, you need to do the following steps:

  • Open the NinjaCapture extension from the 'Extensions' tab.

  • The first option you see is taking a screenshot capture.

  • Under the screenshot section, you will get several sub-sections, such as visible page, full page, and select area. If you desire to take a screenshot of the visible portion of a web page on the screen, then opt for the 'Visible Page'.

  • The Full Page will take a screenshot of the entire web page. You need not scroll down the page for that. If you fancy taking a screenshot of a selected portion of a page, then choose the 'Select Area' option.

  • Once you pick an option, the extension will do the rest for you.

  • You will get a prompt after it takes the screenshot asking you whether you would like to add any descriptions, download it to your computer, or save it on any cloud.

Record a video of your browser window

How to Record a Video of Your Browser’s Window?

Using the NinjaCapture tool to record a video of your browser’s window requires you to follow a similar process. First, however, you need to grant the extension access to use your computer’s microphone and camera. There is also a timer that you need to set before you start the recording. This will allow the extension to record for the chosen amount of time.

If you know the importance of taking a screenshot, you will often use it. Although several screen capture tool can help you with the process, choosing the screen capture for chrome tool takes time. If you are seeking a free tool loaded with all the necessary features, NinjaCapture is the one for you. It is pretty simple to use and allows you to record videos and audio apart from taking screenshots.Moreover, its parent suite, 500apps, has 39 applications for you to use and grow your business like a Fortune 500.

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