Sharing your work or essential documents with coworkers is integral to business processes. One way to do this quickly and effectively is to share the screen you’re working on.

However, if a lot of your work is on a web browser, a generic screen capture tool might not be your best option. Instead, a better idea would be to go for a screen capture tool designed for browsers. This article will explain how to use screen capture to improve your web browsing, boosting your productivity.

Ways to Use Screen Capture for Better Web Browsing

Here are some ways to use screen capture for better web browsing:

1. Save Important Things You Might Like to Refer Back to Later

Instead of spending minutes crafting a lengthy reminder, you can simply capture the screen. Save it to a designated folder where you can check it later. This helps save time while helping you create a detailed record of important content.

You can also record a video of what you’d like to remind yourself of to get a more tailored record. This may be a series of steps to follow or an online video you’d like to take a clip of. You can further customize it by adding annotations to point out useful details if it's an image. With these pointers, you can easily find vital information when you return to it.

2. Provide Feedback to a Colleague

A picture is worth a thousand words, they say. A video is probably worth much more. Rather than typing out emails with complex instructions, you can simply send a picture detailing what you want to say. It may be an annotated screenshot that highlights crucial points.

Alternatively, your feedback may be in the form of a video where you can give instructions in a more hands-on manner. For example, suppose you wanted to show a coworker how to use a certain spreadsheet formula. In that case, you could create a video showing how you manipulated the spreadsheet to carry out a task. Videos and pictures provide more personalized feedback, allowing you to communicate clearly.

screen capture for better web browsing

3. Send a Personalized Video to a Customer

Personalized interactions improve customer experience, and an effective way to provide it is through video. Additionally, videos can help you assist customers more effectively. For example, a customer may require assistance navigating your virtual platform or placing an order online. To help them, you can create a short demo video and send it to the customer.

Many screen capture chrome extension also come with camera functionality. With this, you can create a more humanized experience by allowing the customer to see your facial expressions as you provide valuable solutions.

4. Share a Brief Portion of a Video

Suppose you saw an interesting clip that you’d love to share with your coworkers or with a client. In that case, you can record it to send to the person it’s for.

It can also help you when all that you need a coworker or customer to see is a brief portion of a much longer video. Long videos can be tedious to watch and may even lead to procrastination on a coworker’s end. By recording only the parts they need, you help the target individual save valuable time while meeting their needs. This way, you register more productivity and customer satisfaction.

5. Explain a Document to a Client

Documents can be long, complex, and sometimes difficult to understand without assistance. Using a video or screen capture, you can help a client understand a complicated document quickly and intuitively. With a short recording, you can help the customer make sense of large spreadsheets, charts, and accounts, allowing them to see the big picture.

Videos are also a suitable medium for answering any questions the client has. You can point out important details, clarify concepts, and provide solutions seamlessly with them.


Screen capture is an effective way of recording and sharing vital information for your business. It saves time, provides a personalized experience, and helps workers communicate points clearly. If you are looking to facilitate productivity at your business, consider using a screen capture tool. If you are having trouble finding the right one, NinjaCapture by 500apps is the screenshot chrome extension you'll need to meet your requirements perfectly. Try this free tool on your browser and check out the other 39 applications that are part of its parent business suite.

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