Screenshots are recordings of visible items displayed on a computer screen. As teams carry out more and more tasks on computers, more valuable new information will be displayed on screens. With screenshots, staff can instantly record this crucial information, facilitating business processes.

In this article, we look at some of the reasons why screenshots are important for your business. We also show you how you can capture excellent screenshots.

Why are Screenshots Important

Here are some of the reasons why screenshots are so important:

1. Boosts accuracy and accountability

Traditionally, workers record processes by typing a document or email summarizing the information. However, this presents an obvious problem. With this method, the worker's discretion determines the recorded or shared information. Therefore, some valuable information may be excluded, intentionally or not.

With screenshots, all the information that a worker may have excluded is added to the picture. This allows for accurate, unbiased records. With correct records, employees can better execute their tasks effectively.

2. Back up your problem with a screenshot

When you come across a problem while working on the Internet, a screenshot is probably the best way to create a record of it. This way, you can accurately record everything you encountered while working. Plus, it's much easier to show a coworker or technical expert the screen, especially if you're not a computer expert. You may not know the exact jargon to describe the problem you're facing on the computer screen.

Using your screen capture, the technical expert or experienced coworker can see precisely what you're facing and give tips to help you solve the problem. Additionally, managers can keep some of these screenshots on the company's record to help train new workers to handle such situations when they arise.

3. Record movements on the screen

If you'd like to take a coworker or client through a step-by-step process, a smart idea might be to use a screenshot. It takes less time than email, and it is more visual and easier to use. Screenshots help break down the steps into a simple flow, which the coworker or client can then implement to get results.

Recordings are perfect for creating helpful content such as a tour of a company website, how-to videos, product demonstrations, and other forms of instructional content with screen recorder.

4. Excellent for training remote teams

Companies today are increasingly using video capture as instructional materials. And with most remote jobs requiring workers to use web-based platforms, it's become a common practice to incorporate screenshots into training. Instead of sending out long, boring texts to coworkers, companies realize the value in a few step-by-step screenshots. According to research by Techsmith, 67% of employees are better at completing tasks when communicated by video or text with images.

With a sequence of screenshots, companies can break down complex processes into a simple algorithm that any new worker can follow. Screenshots are also helpful for training new workers to handle common problems. You can screenshot the error page and then follow it up with additional screenshots showing how to handle the situation. By doing this, workers are better equipped to recognize and handle new problems when they face them.

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How They Can Be Captured

Here are some ways you can capture high-quality screenshots as part of your work:

1. Using a native application

Most PCs have an in-built screen capture tool function which you can use to take simple screenshots. With Windows 10, for example, you can use the PrtScn (Print Screen) key. This automatically adds the screenshot to the clipboard, which you can save by pasting it to another application. You can also save the screenshot to a dedicated folder with other keyboard combinations.

On Mac, using the Shift+Command+3 function allows you to take a screenshot of your entire screen. By pressing Shift+Command+4, you can also select a portion of the page.

2. Using a third-party application

Although native applications may work quite nicely for simple screenshots, they have limited functionality. For more flexibility with your screenshot, consider using a third-party app. With third-party apps, you can record video, add a audio recording, or even edit and trim your recording, depending on the application's features.

NinjaCapture, for example, allows you to annotate and highlight parts of the screen, adding extra detail to your screenshot.An effective screenshot chrome extension also lets you take videos with sound, adding more liveliness to your screen capture. When choosing a third-party app, ensure to examine its features so you can choose one best suited for your business.


Screenshots are essential in businesses for helping clients, solving problems, training new workers, and many more. With the right screenshot tools, you're better equipped to boost productivity at your workplace. NinjaCapture by 500apps is one efficient screen capture chrome extension that is not only free to use but also introduces you to 39 other prominent applications of its parent integral suite.

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