How Ninjacapture Can Serve Your Business?

Grow your business with the help of a screen recording and capturing software, NinjaCapture by 500apps. Here is what it can do to make your business grow.


Record unlimited HD quality videos


Take screenshots of entire screen, a selected area, and clipboard


Edit screenshots and videos using advanced annotation tools


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Upload files securely to cloud applications like Drop box, Google Drive and 500Box


Share recording links and get reviewer comments


Manage privacy settings to public, private with auto-generated password


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What Makes the Best Screen Recorder Extension?

Keeping a stack of records dates backs to the old times of the 19th Century. The businesses too have filed a bundle of files to record their progress. But, the times of digitization demands something more powerful. The need for recording and capturing has increased to a greater extent and here we are using the screen recording and capturing software in our day-to-day work environment. The name itself defines it. Then, why do businesses need it? Why it is considered in businesses? How it can help businesses to grow? There are many questions to be answered before integrating or using an online screen recorder.

The saying goes – sharing is learning and unless shared, nothing can be noted or considered. For example, a company is about to release a product. In the reviewing phase, let’s say the in-app functionality has shown an error. How this can be notified to the respective department? The simple formula is to use screen capturing software. The recorded or captured clips when shared among the teams, collaboration and effective communication take place thus avoiding conflicts

Not only this one scenario, from payment confirmations to training the employees, from high-end issues to the basic aspects, share everything, anywhere, and at any time. NinjaCapture also comes with password protection to secure your recordings or screen captures from being deleted or misused. So, in every corner, the tool extends into every business scenario and contributes to your growth.

How Screen Recording and Capturing Software Help Businesses Grow?

The features of screen recording are capturing, recording, trimming, and editing the videos or images you’ve captured. Most individuals feel the use of screen recorders couldn’t help them but it’s a mighty myth. To record an ongoing session and share it; capture the screens for the issues that have arisen; edit or trim the videos needed and share them with your clients if they are relatable are the amazing aspects of this software. Here are the aspects of how screen capturing software helps your business grow:

1. Record & Share

The pandemic times have taken all the one-on-one meetings online. The virtual meetings have been organized in the present situations. And, it became a difficult aspect to connect with the clients.

Now, to overcome the connection with the prospects and clients, all you can do is record your video using the website recording software, NinjaCapture and share it across the database of clients. As you share, your clients or customers find the time to watch the video, and the chances of boosting customer engagement are more.

2. Tutorials to Improve the Effectiveness of the Training

The recording software allows you to record tutorials to train the individuals on various concepts. The videos recorded on the subject can be played or paused whenever needed. While listening to the video sessions, you can also track their learning mechanism and provide your insights on the provided video tutorials.

3. Monitor & Track Daily Employee Performance

Take the screenshot of your employees while they are in the work and tracking is easy with the help of screen capturing software. Spying on employees, as it is called, provides you the best insight into their performance. You can also understand the way they answer customer queries, usable tools, and other activities. Screen recorders give you a clear picture of the work in progress and help you to make decisions when working under strict deadlines.

4. Understanding the Needs of the Customers

Most businesses use screen recorders to understand the customer behaviors while using the products. The recordings help the business owners to know how and what the users are doing. The tracking of customers helps the companies to collect data-driven information that allows them to identify the customer needs and enhance the product quality.

5. Awareness About System Errors in a Work Environment

The IT infrastructure has to deal with a lot of problems – system faults, network errors, software crashes, etc. In certain cases, the problem remains as it is. Recording or capturing these errors gives a clear picture for the technicians to understand how the error has occurred. Moreover, the employees can also understand how the error or problem has risen so that they could do their best not to happen again.

These practices help you save money, time, and unnecessary distractions of the workflows.

Screen recording software has a lot to do to increase overall performance. As you use NinjaCapture for your business, so you’ll understand its significance. The product comes with Chrome Extension also to simplify capturing and recording. Do whatever you’d like to with NinjaCapture and take your business to the next level.

A sign-up for $14.99 along with 30+ apps is what you can benefit from by using this single software. So, you have the scope to explore the functionalities of all these apps at competitive pricing. All these apps by 500apps are here to make your company grow like the Fortune-500.

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