What Are the Features of Screen Capturing and Recording Software?

The online screen capturing software by 500apps helps in making your business grow with its compelling features. Here’s a gist about its features and why most businesses invest in it.


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What Makes the Best Screen Recorder Extension?

Every business benefits a lot from the integration of screen capturing software. This is because of the best-in-class features it has. Your business at times depends on activity screenshots or recording the videos to track the performance of the employees or internal issues. In this article, to give you extensive knowledge about the screen capturing software, features are highlighted. Look at these best-in-class features and integrate the software by analyzing how these features can leap your business.

Features of Screen Capturing Software

1. Captures 360-degree: The operating system can be any – Linux, Windows, or iOS, the capturing software captures every screen and you can also choose a particular area to capture. It’s also flexible to capture scrolling windows. The end-to-end capturing is what the software provides to make your job easy.

2. Panorama effect: Take the screenshot of a full page while scrolling. It is simple to take the screenshots of vertical or horizontal scrolls, the complete chat windows, webpages, and anything between the screen and it acts like the panorama feature a mobile camera has.

3. Extracts text: You don’t need to type the text of a webpage to retype. The capturing software can grab the text from the screenshot image or video. This allows you to edit the text or copy the same in another document for easy editing thus saving a lot of time and effort.

4. Records screen: NinjaCapture is again a screen recorder that quickly records the screens on a tap. You can take a few shots of the recorded video by integrating this software and accordingly, save the file in the mp4 or GIF format and use it whenever needed.

5. Webcam feasibility: Sometimes you need to present yourself if your video recording is about a tutorial or a “get started with” guide. You can use the webcam to toil between the screen and webcam so that you could add a personal touch to the videos.

6. Reels the audio: Recording audio for the video is the crucial part as without background music no video sounds interesting. The screen recording software records the audio either through a microphone or through the system audio to make the videos engaging and meaningful.

7. Creates GIF formats: Either record the videos and take a short snap that reflects the interesting aspect or directly take a short video to make it as an animated GIF. You can add this GIF to websites, documents, or chats. The online screen capturing software creates the perfect animated GIF as per your needs.

8. Trims the recorded: Video editing requires a lot of effort when you’re trying to trim the videos or adjoin the two videos. But our screen recording software makes this easy for you. Cut the unwanted clips in the recorded video at the start, middle, or end easily.

9. iOS compatibility: We have structured our screen capturing software to be compatible with all types of devices and operating systems. Hence, our software is iOS friendly that sets everything you needed and captures the way you would like to.

10. Annotates the screens: There are very few sources on the internet that come with professional markup tools. But, NinjaCapture is one such tool where all these markup tools are inbuilt to add professionalism to the screenshots and transform it into a visually impacting graphic. Create your own in the editor or choose the one that’s equipped in the tool. Anyway, the visual representation is simply elegant.

11. Step tool: Documentation and flow designing are part of streamlining the businesses. The step tool feature allows you to create document steps or build workflows with the number or letter series. The automatic numbering comes into the picture as the steps increase while recording and editing the screens.

12. Smart moving tool: The smart moving tool helps in moving the elements in the captured images. From rearranging to edition, from deletion to reframe, everything is possible within single screen capturing software.

13. Replaces text anywhere: NinjaCapture recognizes the text in a screenshot where you can change the font, colors, style, and size of the text thus eliminating the efforts of re-editing the entire image.

14. Simplified editing tool: The screenshots have a large size or might have specific standards. The software helps in simplifying the graphics part as it has a predefined tool editor.

15. Add stamps: Add the stamps to the captured images. The stamps can be watermarks or anything that adds value to your business. It’s more of a personalization of images with stickers and stamps.

16. Add favorites: Create a library of images or prebuilt designs as your favorites. This makes it easier for you to keep all your works and tools in one spot.

17. Pre-built templates: NinjaCapture has many pre-built templates or layouts to add additional graphical elements while creating videos or tutorials. The predefined templates simplify the job of adding visual elements within no time.

18. Convert images into videos: It’s easy to smoothly slide over the images and create a video using all the screenshots with the help of an online screen recorder. Even create GIFs of your choice through the image conversion and editing tool that we provide.

19. Share & collaborate: Upload and share to anywhere at any time. Share the videos, images, or GIFs to word, YouTube, Excel sheets, and many more. Protect your content with password security to restrict access by others.

20. Enterprise-wide sharing options: Whatever the workplace might be, sharing options are available where the videos or images can be shared with the enterprise without any hassle. The online screen capturing software provides all these features and NinjaCapture is on the competitive edge to give you utmost feasibility and security while capturing or recording the videos. Capture, Annotate and share using the software developed by 500apps.

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